Why I Joined The SFM

Why I Joined The SFM

Pete Harris Reveals Why He Joined The SFM 

pete harrisHi, my name is Pete Harris and I am a professional digital marketer. I have been involved with online business for a number of years now in different aspects such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing and information publishing.

I have also had traditional businesses which I operated for 25 years and this is one of the reasons that I turned to the internet to look for alternative ways to do business. I had become complacent in my traditional business for many years and I was looking for new challenges to get me motivated again.

Also I had long term plans to relocate from the United Kingdom to my home in Cyprus and I knew that I needed a business model which had the flexibility to go with me when I was travelling around the world and when I planned to go home to see family and friends.

As I have said I had been looking on the internet for opportunities to start an online business for a while. I had joined a few programs and gained a lot of knowledge but there always seemed to be something missing. I was working hard on my business but not seeing the results that I was hoping for.

Then in February 2014 I clicked on an advert and was taken to a video presentation by Stuart Ross. I had a connection moment with Stuart and could relate to what he was saying. I hit home on a few points like i was fed up doing what I was doing at that time. I had my cleaning business but I was unfulfilled, I needed something different to get my teethe into.

It may well have been because at that time I was in my mid 40’s and I was looking for new challenges that I could take on over the then next 15-20 years.

I liked the way that he was saying the he could teach me, along with his company, the skill sets needed to start a profitable online business from scratch. He would give me access to the training, mentorship, tools and resources to make this happen.

There was only on proviso. That was that I had to commit to actually putting the work in to make it happen. There was no magic formula or push button software that would make me rich while putting in no effort.

His message was totally different to the other programs that I had joined. He told it straight, to the point that if I was not prepared to work at it then his  company was not the right fit for me and I was not the right fit for the company.

So I joined the company, started working through the training and implementing what I was being taught and eventually I had my first significant breakthrough and made my first high ticket commission.

Now getting emails to say you have made a commission is nice but it is not the main thing. What is more important is by joining the SFM back in February 2014 I am now in a position of working fulltime from my home in Cyprus. I have the flexibility to now work when I want and where I want.

When I go back to the UK to see the family by business comes with me in the form of my laptop. Also I am planning to do a lot of travelling in 2017 and, because of the SFM and their business system and resources, I will be able to run my business where ever I go.

I think I can sum everything up in one word. “Freedom”. The SFM have given me the freedom that my wife and I want. They have helped us fulfill our dream of living in Cyprus, to make plans on how we are going to enjoy our life together. To help us create a lifestyle that is not possible when you are working a normal job.

I can see new horizons and I am excited of the new challenges ahead. All of these reasons is why I joined the SFM. Get started with the SFM here.

To your success.

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Pete Harris

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