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Why The SFM Community Is Such A Special Place To Be A Part Of

I think we can all take great reassurance if we live in a great community and this can be transposed in to business, that is why the SFM community is a great place to be apart of.

In my experience of being in business for over 25 years I know both sides of the coin when it come to being in a community or not being in one.

My first experience was when I use to trade on open air markets selling baby and childrenswear.

The sense of community spirit was everywhere, people willing to help in any way they could, even if they were selling the same line of goods as I was.

Everybody coming together and trying to make us all successful. I made some really good friends on the markets and it was one of the happiest times of my life and a lot of that was down to the community.

Unfortunately that business model was starting to die off for many different reasons so I changed my business and entered the service industry.

I was a one man band, out all day on my own offering my cleaning services to residential customers.

Yes I saw and spoke to people during the day but that was only for just a few minutes at most. It became a lonely existence and I forgot just what the community aspect was all about.

So when I joined the SFM back in 2014 it immediately seemed like I had turned the clock back 25 years. When you join the SFM you become part of the SFM community.

Just like my market days I instantly became part of a special being.

The SFM community is full of like minded, motivated and highly focused individuals. We are all there to learn the skill sets needed to run successful businesses online.

We all have different attributes and skills sets and we all are prepared to help each other in times of need.SFM Community

Within the community everybody has the opportunity form friendships, business relationships and connect with each other at anytime of the day.

Due to the fact that there are members from all four corner of the world there is always online.

You can join different groups within the SFM community depending on your position in the company, what strategies you are working on, geographical groups and groups for people who have attended or have the intention to attend one of the many live events the SFM put on around the world.

There is no competition even though we are promoting the same product line, there is enough to go round if you do your marketing right.

Everybody has each others back and wants everyone to be successful.

I am grateful that I found the SFM community when I did as I was at a crossroads in my business life. I wanted something different to what I was doing and found that in the SFM business model.

The SFM community is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and if you feel that this is a place where you would like to find yourself the click here to get started.

To your success.

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