High Ticket Affiliate Programs

high ticket affiliate programs

Discover Why The SFM I One Of The Best High Ticke Affiliate Programs That You Can Join

pete harrisSo I think that it is safe to assume that you are looking for some information on high ticket affiliate programs to possibly sign up to.

When you search online for high ticket affiliate programs you will see that there are many options that cover many different industries.

As a Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach I am going concentrate on the Home Business industry.

What I am going to give is information about the program that I am affiliated to.

The SFM specializes is helping people start an online business from scratch. It has many mentoring and training programs to help people get up and running as soon as possible.

What the SFM also has is the opportunity for it’s affiliates to make high ticket commissions.

These commissions are available on the SFM product line as well as the Digital Experts Academy products.

The SFM gives you the opportunity to create multiple income streams from products ranging from $29.95 – $20,000.

Depending on the position that you have with the company relates to the commission percentage that you will receive.

What I mean by position is if you have purchased the product, being a consumer of the product.

Commission rates range from 5% – 40%. An Essentials Member can make 5% on the top level product.

This is valued at $20,000 so the commission will be  $1000. This is what define a high ticket commission.

Now if you are positioned at Black, the highest level, you will be at the commission rate of 40%.

If you sold a Black level membership your commission would be $8000. This is for a single sale.

You see this is what sets the SFM apart from many other affiliate programs.

Most programs only pay out commissions on what are called “Front End” products.

These are usually low value products up to around $50. What they don’t allow you to do is earn commissions on their “Back End” products.

These “Back End” products are where the company will make most, if not all, of their profits.

So you can see that by joining one of the high ticket affiliate programs is the way to go forward.

It is quite a simple process. The SFM have a proven “Sales Funnel”. It starts out with a free offer.

The SFM Sales Funnel Process

The SFM offer a free video training series. People can access this by entering their email address on what is called a “Lead Capture Page”.

This is where they enter the sales funnel. Then they have the opportunity to purchase higher valued products.

This process is handled by automatic software and an internal sales team that do  all the selling for you.

You as an SFM affiliate just have to concentrate in getting leads into the system.

The beauty of this system is that once a lead is brought into the system they are tracked to your affiliate link.

When that person then decides to purchase any of the SFM & DEA products and services, you are credited with the sale.

As you can see that it is a very hands off business model for you. All you need to do is drive traffic to your initial free offer.

I can remember that a few years ago I was getting fed up with earning small commissions.

That is when just under three years ago I became aware of high ticket affiliate offers.

In September 2015 I made my first ever commission of $1000. This is all down to the SFM business system. Learn more.

high ticket affiliate programs

I have removed the customer’s mane for privacy reasons. This image is 100% verifiable.

So now you can see proof that the system works. If you would like to see the SFM compensation plan then please click here.

So you see the SFM have a very powerful affiliate program and if you are an action taker then you can get started today by clicking here.

You now have the opportunity to join one of the best high ticket affiliate programs available. Get started today and start building your dream digital lifestyle. Take the first step here.

To your success.

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